A different culture and location requires you to invest effort and time when sourcing products from Indonesia. Imports from Indonesia can be tricky if you do not carefully verify the supplier and the shipping/ trucking agent along with translation.  

We can assist you with virtually any product that is made in Indonesia. We organize sourcing trips for clients who visit Indonesia. Sourcing and buying trips give clients the opportunity to visit multiple craftsmen and view many different product types and/or styles thereby making the product selection process much easier. We have a vast knowledge of Java and Bali. We have the local knowledge and can introduce you to the best suppliers for your requested items for the best price

 We can assist you with sourcing throughout Bali, Java or any of the 1000's of Islands in our vast archipelago, for what you need, when you need it.

Leave us to deal with the suppliers here handling your orders for Quality Control, negotiations, payment and shipping make your job simpler and more effective, document control including spreadsheets with invoices, translation and currency conversion are also available.


Maybe list a few type of products with photographs


Payment and Fees 

Our charges are based on a percentage fee of the total from your invoices. The fee is agreed on a per client and request type basis and is inclusive of all our services. There are no hidden charges or additional costs for any services. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients have all details of all costs involved from start to finish with no surprises at the best possible price. Also, Exquisite does not receive any fees and or commission from any factories or suppliers, your price will be the best price for the best quality and service.